Tattoo Lightening & Removal

Non-Laser Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

We have been providing non-laser tattoo removal services for over 10 years.  Currently, we ONLY do procedures on unwanted cosmetic tattoo's.  An example would be eyebrows which have been discolored or misplaced,  errors done during permanent make-up application or other unwanted cosmetic tattoo's.  

We require pre-consultation for all tattoo lightening and removal procedures to determine if the area is a good candidate and safe for non-laser tattoo removal.    We have successfully lightened and removed unwanted tattoo's from eyebrows and eyeliner many times. 

We do not lighten or remove tattoo's in other areas of the body.  Not that it can not be done with success but we choose to keep our treatments limited to cosmetic tattoo's only.