Camouflage Tattooing- For Scars, Stretchmarks & Vitiligo

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Types of Medical Tattooing

Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage

Before & After Scar Camouflage



    Scars can be bothersome and a reminder of something unfavorable and traumatic.  Many people do not realize that scars can be blended into the adjacent area of the skin to help reduce their appearance.  Scars of the scalp, face, arms, legs or anywhere on the skin that their appearance is obvious from the adjacent skin can typically be treated.  By using custom formulated skin color tattoo pigments, color can be permanently implanted into the scar area.  

Most treatments for scars are a multi-session process depending on the size of the scar, the skin condition, and the difficulty with obtaining a match.  It is important to note that tattooed scars will not change color with sun exposure, so depending on the location of the scar, the time of year the tattooing is completed can make a difference.  All situations are different; therefore a consultation is required to determine whether or not the scar is a candidate for cosmetic tattooing.  

Most scars or stretch marks should be at least 1 year old or older, as both continue to change slowly over time.  The best candidates for this type of tattooing are areas where the skin is lighter than the adjacent areas.    

Vitiligo Camouflage Treatment

Before & Immediately After Vitiligo Treatment

  This involves implanting pigmentation of natural skin color under the skin to blend the area of concern to the adjacent skin color(s).  This procedure is usually a multi-session process, taking 1-3 appointments depending on the size of the area of concern.  

Medical Cases Photo Gallery

Breast Enhancement Scar Camouflage



Cosmetic Breast Surgery Including Implants and Breast Lifts Resulting in Notable Scars


For those individuals that have elected for breast surgery such as implants or breast lifts in which light or white scars remain after healing, cosmetic tattooing of the tones similar to the surrounding skin can be performed to decrease the appearance of scars.  These treatments, done in phases 4-6 weeks between appointments, can be quite successful in diminishing these scars for women that are good candidates.  With a consultation at our office, we can quickly determine if cosmetic tattooing is right for you.

Breast Nipple & Areola Tattooing



    The nipple and areola are usually the last stage of breast reconstruction. Recreating the nipple and areola gives the reconstructed breast a more natural appearance and can help hide scars.  Breasts that are void of a nipple tissue mound can be tattooed to closely resemble a projected 3-D like nipple and areola.  Often times the results are so amazing that it is difficult to determine it is a tattoo!

Although the stated goal of breast reconstruction is to make patients appear natural in clothing, most patients also want to look as natural as possible in the nude. Regardless of the technique used to perform breast reconstruction, nipple reconstruction adds significantly to the illusion of a natural breast and is therefore well worth the effort. Nipple reconstruction usually takes place about eight to 12 weeks after breast reconstruction, and the tattooing is usually performed about six weeks after nipple reconstruction.  

Modern techniques for nipple and areola reconstruction cause little or no pain and can be done in a professional office environment such as Le Beau Visage.  The gain in appearance is therefore achieved at relatively little cost or inconvenience. 

FAQ's for Camouflage Treatments

Scars, Stretchmarks & Vitiligo

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