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My Photo Gallery:

These photos are primarily taken immediately after a procedure and are NOT re-touched.  
All procedures shown in our photo gallery for permanent cosmetics are completed by Michelle and performed on actual clients of Le Beau Visage.   You can expect to see some mild redness, skin blanching (white shadowing due to anesthetics) and mild swelling (liner and lips) in the areas that have been treated. 

Brows:  All eyebrows immediately after will appear darker, denser, bolder and more exaggerated than the final healed result. The brows you see in these photos will soften/lighten significantly when healed. When designing a full brow when minimal or no existing hair is present, the brow is drawn on first, taking into consideration the clients desired look, thickness, length, etc.  Once approved by the client, only then is the brow is permanently placed.  Every client at Le Beau Visage is involved 100% in their brow design, color selection and placement.  Keep in mind, many clients have specific design ideas that they would like; some clients want thin brows, brows with predominate arches, etc. 

Eyeliner:  Mild-moderate swelling and redness is common for 1-2 days after an eyeliner procedure.  Typically, fair complexions tend to swell a bit more than medium or olive skin tones.  Together with the client we determine placement, color, thickness or other important factors.  We typically recommend avoiding any trendy or excessive eyeliner applications because of the permanent nature of the procedure.

Lips:   Mild-Moderate swelling with SIGNIFICANTLY darker, thicker, denser and bolder color.  Many times the initial color does not appear the same tone and hue as the healed color.  This is especially true for lip color.  Because the lips themselves bring a color to the equation, we must account for that when determining our ideal healed color and tones. Lips are a layering process and take several sessions to complete.


 "Just wanted to let you know that my brows are healing nicely. They are developing beautifully and I love the shape. I had nothing but complements at work. The color is perfect.." 

- Teresa, Sacramento, CA

"I wanted to thank you so much for the focus meeting for my eyebrows. I love the way they look,  naturally enhanced, not overdone. In fact, I think they now look better than they ever have. I'm looking forward to having my eyeliner done, as I'm sure you'll take the same time to make sure we are both satisfied with the outcome.  Thanks again Michelle. I so appreciate your level of professionalism and caring for  your clients." 

- Diana, Chico CA

"I have the most beautiful eye brows ever. Everyone I show says there natural looking . So thank you very much. I love them. Perfect color, awesome. Healing time was a breeze, 3 days tops.  Thank you!"  

- J.J., Corning, CA

“I can't say enough great things! I drive an hour and a half, from Sacramento, to have my permanent makeup done by Michelle, and I wouldn't think of going to anyone else! It's all about trust, and Michelle is someone who you can trust to do the best work. My eyebrows look so natural people don't even realize they are tattooed, and they are exactly the color and shape I wanted. Michelle is skilled at tattooing brows with "hair" strokes, so they look much more natural. Michelle consulted with me about the shape of them, and her knowledge and input led to an even better end result than I would have expected. My eyeliner is also exactly what I wanted. Michelle camouflaged two small scars on my face, and did a great job with the color matching my skin. Basically, you can trust Michelle to be the most knowledgeable about what she does, to listen and understand what you want, to be honest with you, and to be detail-oriented and take pride in her work. On top of that, she is an amazing, wonderful person. Her business location is professional, clean, and relaxing. If I lived closer, I would also get my eyelash extensions at Le Beau Visage. I get my eyelashes done in Sacramento and from my experience and talking with Michelle, I'd say call Le Beau Visage and talk to them before going anywhere else for eyelash extensions.” 

– Jessica G., Sacramento, CA

"I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done by Michelle.....she is AMAZING! 

My eyebrows changed my life as I am a blonde and had very light non existent natural brows! No more trying to fill in and shape my brows, HEAVEN!!" 

- Paige, Orland, CA



“I HIGHLY recommend Michelle at Le Beau Visage! I am ecstatic about my new permanent eyeliner! Michelle's professionalism, perfection and compassion are second to none! Not having any tattoos myself I was very nervous about having a tattoo needle next to my eye but she walked me through each and every step of the process making me feel very relaxed & comfortable. The anesthetic was great and I didn't feel any pain whatsoever! My eyes healed quickly and the results are fabulous! Thank you MICHELLE - you rock!” – Lisa G. Chico, CA

“Michelle is awesome. I had my eyebrows done and my eyeliner!!!  Her place is beautiful, very clean. She makes you feel very comfortable in an uncomfortable situation! I love my brows and eyeliner. Thank you Michelle!” -- Rene M., Red Bluff, CA

“If you're searching for a place to get permanent makeup done...this is the place! I spent tons of time looking at reviews and websites and after meeting with Michelle I felt I was in expert hands...and I wasn't wrong! I wasn't looking for a made up look. I wanted natural looking eyebrows like I used to have...and then turned 40!! And now my husband tells me it's one of the best decisions I've made vanity wise. So yes I'm extremely happy!!” – Gabriella S., Chico CA